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What is an ERG Software and Why You Need it in the Workplace

  • Omer Usanmaz
  • January 29 2024

More organizations are looking to create a company culture that is more inclusive and diverse. To help achieve this, ERGs or Employee Resource Groups can play a significant role in providing unique insights and additional statistics to help organizations meet their diversity goals and business objectives.

What Is ERG?

In its most basic form, an Employee Resource Group is a workplace group that focuses on employee identity and employee experience within the organization. In many organizations, employee resource groups have evolved from their primary purpose - to provide a safe space for employees from similar backgrounds or characteristics to meet and support one another.

Now ERG groups help organizations with their diversity and inclusion plans, employee onboarding process, employee retention, mentorship programs, employee engagement, employee development, etc.

Volunteer employees typically run these groups, and while company executives can support and sponsor the group, they are not the leaders.

What Do ERGs Do?

ERGs have regular meetings to discuss employee issues. They build a community and create a sense of belonging. They have a clear line of communication with the company leadership team so they can voice their concerns.

They create affinity clubs to help members socialize and also have professional clubs to help peers share knowledge with other departments. They sometimes host diversity-focused events where members plan and engage in activism and awareness campaigns.

This creates a positive impact and promotes employee self-identification and deeper inclusion. ERG groups can also provide mentorship training for their members.

What Is ERG Software?

Simply put, it is a tool that helps build an online community for ERGs. It acts as a hub for all ERG planning. There are several advantages for employees who can access the tool and stay up to date on all ERG activities.

Some ERG software includes in-app chat functions, a mobile app, and the ability to post on social media directly. When all information is centrally located and easily accessible, the employee experience journey becomes more memorable.

Qooper supports ERG initiatives in the workplace by providing a safe space for employee resource groups to connect and helping companies create mentorship opportunities for their employees.

What Is the Need for ERG Software?

The work that ERGs do is central to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) work, but unfortunately, they are understaffed. Therefore, diversity leaders spend a lot of time manually gathering data through spreadsheets, Google docs, email, and chat.

There are also many folders created for the various issues, events, memberships, etc., that they have to weed through. This takes the focus away from activities and employee programs.

There also needs to be a process or system in place by which they can track membership growth, measure engagement, gather employee views, or highlight topics of interest.

What Are the Advantages of Using ERG Software?

It is a robust reporting tool that allows diversity leaders to carry out real-time reporting and manage everything from a single dashboard. Instead of having separate channels such as the intranet, emails, and chat, all the information can be found in one organized space. The software can seamlessly track membership, budgets, employee engagement, etc.

The tool is a great backend resource on what people are talking about, what they share, what events they find interesting, what type of content works, etc. It also helps bring together remote employees and build a sense of community. Those in the field and not in the office can share information immediately.

ERGs can sometimes access company funding or have sponsors who will do the budgeting and event management. The software allows the group to manage budget requests and set financial targets.

Who Should Use ERG Software?

All organizations will benefit from ERG software, regardless of size, but larger companies, and those with a global presence, would benefit the most from specific ERG software.

This can save significant administrative time as the all-in-one platform would help to schedule events, plan meetings, assign tasks, share photos, etc.

Enhance Your Company Workplace With an ERG Software

If you are starting an employee resource group program, using the right tools will make it easy and provide a great user experience.

ERG software can ensure that all processes and procedures are consistent, even if members are spread across the globe. The ultimate goal is to increase inclusivity and belonging. Whichever software you choose, ensure its capabilities match your company goals. If you would like to acquire more information about how Qooper ERG Software can help your organizational ERG and DE&I goals, you are invited to schedule a demo

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