Mentor Mentee Matching Made Easy with Smart Matching Algorithm

Qooper's customizable mentor matching algorithm offloads the heavy administrative work on Excel spreadsheets to match mentors and mentees.

Scale your mentoring programs with Qooper mentor matching software.

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qooper mentor matching software

Algorithmic mentor mentee match suggestions

Qooper's fully customizable matching algorithm recommends mentor matches instead of days of work on Excel spreadsheets. Matching mentors and mentees has never been faster.

  1. One to one matching
  2. Group matching
  3. Self Matching
  4. Situational Matching
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smart mentor matching algorithm software
bulk suggest


Get recommendations for everyone. Confirm or skip matches.

bulk match


Automatically match everyone over a certain match rate

manual match

Manual Match

Match 1 by 1 with maximum control 

self match


Let mentors and mentees self-select their matches

algorithmic mentor-mentee match solution

Admin matching with algorithmic suggestions

Admin Matching tools to create the most effective relationships at scale with algorithmic suggestions. Mentor mentee matching software provides organizations with the right matching solution.


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Self Mentor Matching


Mentor mentee self matching

Some mentees do desire to choose their own mentors so turn on Self-Matching to provide the option to select themselves.


Customizable questionnaire & matching algorithm

  1. Create your preferred profile question fields or use Qooper's templates and recommendations
  2. Select matching criteria
  3. Prioritize matching criteria with weights

Or simply use one of our templates with best practices based on your organization type, target population and mentoring program style.

profile form questions

Save time on introduction work

Have Qooper send out an introduction notification for you to introduce mentors and mentees on your behalf.

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Train, Facilitate, Track & Report Mentoring Relationships

Mentor matching solutions are only one of the 9 key solutions of a mentoring program.

  • Training

  • Facilitation

  • Tracking

  • Reporting


Train Mentors & Mentees

Trainings are provided by ATD and CIPD certified trainers include articles and videos on mentorship training, leadership, soft skills and your own content from LMS and more.

steps 1

Follow - Up & Communicate Effortlessly

Facilitate relationships with mentorship meeting agendas, ice breakers, conversation starters and activities.


Track Mentoring Relationships

Track mentor-mentee progress and review feedback. Uncover and filter which relationships are successful and which ones are at a halt.

reporting analytics

Access Reporting & Measurements

Gain data and analytics in your mentorship program. Access ROI, analytics and survey results. View mentoring, goal and learning progress in your programs as a whole.

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