Enterprise ERG Software for DE&I initiatives

Promote diversity in the workplace by connecting ERG members.

  • Create ERGs easily and help them gain visibility
  • Enable mentorship and learning for employee engagement
  • Enable a safe space for a better employee experience

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Two women developers are matched as peers through Qooper's matching algorithm.
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ERG discussions feature on Qooper's platform

ERG Discussions

ERG meetings feature on Qooper's mentoring software

ERG Meet & Greet

ERG resources feature on Qooper's mentoring software

ERG Resources

ERG reminders and guidance on Qooper's mentoring software

Reminders & Guidance

LGBT ERG groups empowered on Qooper's mentoring software.
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Create ERGs easily and populate your members

Connect your ERG members with one another in mentoring and peer support relationships.

  • Q&A discussion forum
  • Resources
  • Events and meetings
  • Budgeting
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    Offer a robust mentoring experience for ERGs

    Eliminate mentor matching work on excel spreadsheets and remove politics with Qooper Smart Mentor Matching Algorithm. Provide mentorship training, guidance, and structure with Qooper's built-in tools and facilitate networking to foster an employee community.

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    Qooper's mentoring software displayed on both desktop and mobile screens.
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    A completed meeting on an employee named Jason's career growth plan.
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    Help create career development and improve promotions

    Develop careers and support employee growth through mentor guidance, peer support, and continuous learning. Track development of membership growth and measure engagement on a visual dashboard.

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    Engage on an integrated ERG Software & Mobile App

    A modern intuitive platform for the ERG members to connect and develop.

  • Easy to use - no training required
  • Fully Integrated
  • Multi-Lingual
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    A screenshot from Qooper displaying diversity and mentorship training materials.
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    Diversity and mentorship training materials

    Our trainings are provided by ATD and CIPD-certified trainers. Trainings include articles, videos, and slideshows concentrated on workplace diversity.

    • Mentorship training
    • Unconscious bias training
    • Leadership training
    • Custom trainings

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    Track ERG member progress and participation

    Identify which ERG members are growing and identify who needs support easily on a visual dashboard. Report program outcomes on:

    • Mentorship and career growth outcomes
    • Overall learning and growth areas
    • Employee retention and performance improvement
    • Increase in belonging

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    Qooper's analytics feature to track ERG member progress and participation
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    An ERG Software fosters a sense of community by facilitating diversity programs and diversity-focused events, connecting individuals with shared interests and backgrounds for a more inclusive experience.

    By tracking engagement, diversity leaders gain insights to tailor initiatives effectively, strengthening workplace culture and promoting diversity and inclusion, ultimately leading to positive social impact.

    ERGs and BRGs contribute significantly to company culture by promoting the benefits of diversity and inclusion. They offer platforms for employee development and foster a sense of belonging, enhancing the overall employee community. This leads to a positive cultural impact and improved organizational performance.

    Leaders actively support and participate in employee programs, diversity-focused events, and use the software to foster employee engagement and satisfaction, setting the tone for an inclusive workplace culture and inspiring others to embrace diversity.

    ERGs play a crucial role in the employee onboarding process by creating a welcoming community for new hires, including remote employees. They provide a network of support and resources, helping new employees integrate into the company culture and feel part of the organization regardless of their location.

    Successful implementation of ERGs hinges on strong leadership support, clear objectives, and active participation. These groups should align with the company's goals for diversity and inclusion, providing opportunities for employee development, networking, and community engagement, which in turn enrich the overall workplace environment.

    Creating a vibrant community for ERGs significantly enhances the impact of ERGs on a company's culture. This contributes to a more inclusive and diverse workplace environment. The sense of community fostered by ERGs supports employee satisfaction by acknowledging and celebrating different backgrounds and perspectives within an organization. This, in turn, fosters innovation and a more dynamic workplace, showcasing the positive impact of ERGs on both the organizational culture and business outcomes.

    Qooper ERG Software features an intuitive interface that simplifies tracking attendance, a key factor in gauging ERG engagement and effectiveness. By leveraging this data, the platform enhances the power of ERGs, providing insights for developing and implementing effective strategies. This approach ensures that ERGs are not just supported but are actively thriving and contributing to a positive organizational culture.

    Customer Testimonials & Reviews

    Achieving DE&I goals with Mentoring

    Our minority employees upskill through mentorship and get placed into leadership roles. This has been a key DE&I initiative for us.

    Anna E.

    Creating career pathways with Qooper

    Qooper is helping us run our career pathways program easily. Our employees are more committed by having a vision for their career here.

    Melissa J.

    Qooper encourages both mentors & mentees

    We are able to deploy a virtual mentorship program worldwide, that encourages both mentors and mentees to participate. It is so easy to use and manage.

    Lori D.

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