Achieve DE&I Goals with Career Mentoring & ERGs

Qooper assists over 250 organizations with their mentoring, learning, and inclusion programs to place underrepresented employees in leadership positions and creating community through ERGs.


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Discover how Qooper helps organizations start and run their DE&I Programs to increase employee engagement and retention.


Pair up underrepresented employees with internal mentors

Qooper's smart matching algorithm will suggest the best mentors and peers for them, connect across departments, and help your organization develop diversity, inclusion and equity programs.

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Ensure effective mentorship and inclusion training

To ensure effective mentee development, we recommend both the mentors and mentees go through a concise but powerful training process. The Qooper library has bite-sized, easy to consume trainings ready to go. 

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Facilitate effective career mentorship sessions and growth opportunities

Sometimes mentees don't always know the right questions to ask and the mentors shouldn't be putting together a curriculum for the mentorship. Qooper makes career conversations easy by providing meeting agendas

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What is the most effective way to drive diversity and careers?

  • Employees love to learn from each other.
  • In fact, it is still the most effective way of acquiring new skills and career pathing.
  • However, running DEI Programs can be a burden on admin.
  • Qooper will launch your programs in under 2-3 hours and maintain these programs so admins don't have to.
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Structure ERG groups and career paths in one integrated platform

Connect cohorts of employees with one another and create career mentorship opportunities. Help mentees connect with mentors to further their professional development.

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Track progress, report career movements and engagement areas

With Qooper's live mentorship tracking dashboard, receive reporting outcomes on engagement, development,  belonging, and employee outlook on the company.

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“Qooper is helping us run our career pathways program easily. Our employees are more committed by having a vision for their career here.”

"Our DE&I initiative for underrepresented medical professionals drove retention through Qooper"

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