Execute High Potential Leadership Programs on Qooper's Mentoring Software

Grow high potential employees and help them develop their leadership skills through high potential mentoring. Start running Qooper's high potential leadership program today.

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Execute High Potential Leadership Programs on Qooper's High Potential Mentoring Software

Pair up your high potentials with a mentor

Qooper's smart matching algorithm will automatically pair up high potential talent with mentors to develop leadership skills and accelerate the process of HiPo Leadership Training Program. 

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talent and mentor match

Auto-deliver your training materials

Allow Qooper to deliver mentorship and leadership training materials on a cadence, automatically, directly to your HiPo's inboxes. In addition to leveraging your existing materials and LMS built right into Qooper's app. 

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effective team management

Make mentorship meetings effective and transfer niche skills

Help your future leader employees learn from executives through effective mentorship sessions and activities. Enable next level high potential management training at work.

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practicing leadership skills

What is the most preferred method for your future leaders to learn?

  • Employees love to learn from each other.
  • In fact, it is still the most effective way of acquiring new skills and career pathing.
  • However, running Hi-Po Leadership Programs can be a burden on admin.
  • Qooper will launch your programs in under 2-3 hours and maintain these programs so admin don't have to.
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Create expertise related groups and cohorts

Connect cohorts of employees with one another and create group mentorship opportunities. Help high potential talent get to know their coworkers and ease the process of becoming the future talent.

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create groups and cohorts

Track participation & measure outcomes on a live dashboard 

Get a sense for future readiness, willingness to take on new roles, and belonging have been affected while executing high potentials management training in the workplace. 

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tracking and reporting-1

“The participants embraced mentorship more than we thought. They really valued it as an integral part of their professional development. We're moving on to the second cohort.”

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