Set Up Your Sales Reps For Success Through Sales Mentorship Programs

Increase your sales team's and sales managers' performance and leadership skills and retention with mentoring.
Onboard sales reps seamlessly, and delivery training easily with effective sales mentorship programs.

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An employee welcoming a new sales representative to the sales training and mentoring program
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Assign mentors and peers easily with Qooper's algorithm

Qooper's smart matching algorithm will automatically pair up sales reps with mentors and eliminate mentor-matching work on Excel spreadsheets. Prepare reps for professional development with Qooper's salesperson training program and accomplish, learning goals, business goals and career goals.

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Two employees matched by Qooper's matching algorithm
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Auto-send sales training materials on a cadence

Allow Qooper to deliver onboarding materials on a cadence automatically to your sales reps' inboxes and accelerate the learning process of your new hires.

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An employee studying the resources brought by Qooper on its resources platform
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Prepare reps for call practices, creating quotes, & practicing sales pitches

Peer mentorship and coaching is the preferred way to learn the required skills for a job. You can bring it to your workplace with Qooper's Sales Mentoring Program.

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Sales training program session on sales management displayed on Qooper's mentoring software
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Create expertise-based support groups

Connect cohorts of sales reps with one another and create group mentorship opportunities to support growth of sales teams. Help newly hired sales reps get to know their coworkers and company culture easing the process of sales onboarding.

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Qooper's groups feature connect cohorts of sales reps with one another and create group mentorship opportunities
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Track progress and detect struggle areas

Identify which sales reps are growing and which need more support with our visual dashboard. Allowing you to track mentorship progress, program benefits, and overall learning outcomes.

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tracking and reporting on Qooper's mentoring and learning software
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a graph on coaching&mentoring surpassing formal education, LMS, conferences etc.
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Are your sales reps disengaged and isolated?

  • Connect your sales reps with their peers and create mentoring relationships
  • Create role-play opportunities to practice cold calling, emails, quoting, and pitching.
  • Use materials from your LMS and create in-person training experiences just as if they are in the office. 

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Customer Testimonials & Reviews

Extraordinary matching algorithm

During Northwell's Inaugural Mentorship Program, I and my mentor were matched by what we call the world's best algorithm, because it was!

Dani L.
Northwell Health

AI matching feature is a big seller

An AI mentoring platform that is a step above the competition. Although we were going to be starting small, we knew from the outset we wanted the ability to offer mentoring opportunities to our global team.

Matt H.
Senior OD Manager

Live support is flawless

The ability to connect with a rep LIVE is amazing. I, along with the team was able to jump on several calls for clarification on aspects of Qooper we were unfamiliar with.

LaCheryl A.
Civic & Social Organization

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