Enable Career Pathways Through Career Mentoring & Career Groups

Help mentees steer their career path and shape their career goals. Start running Qooper's career mentoring program today to develop career mentorship in the workplace, resulting in better career development.

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The importance of goals and meetings in career mentoring
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Pair up your employees with potential mentors

Qooper's smart matching algorithm will suggest the best mentors and peers for them to form seamless mentoring relationships, connect across departments and help your organization develop career mentoring programs to increase employee engagement and employee retention and help employees with their career progression.

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Two employees matched by Qooper's matching algorithm
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Ensure effective mentorship training & career mentoring relationships

To ensure effective mentee development, we recommend both the mentors and mentees go through a concise but powerful training process. The Qooper library has bite-sized, easy-to-consume trainings ready to go.

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An employee who is using Qooper's Resources module to study
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Facilitate effective career mentorship sessions

Connect cohorts of employees with one another and create career mentorship opportunities to prepare underrepresented employees for leadership positions and career challenges. Help mentees connect with mentors to further their professional development, fill gaps in career and acquire professional skills.

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A mentor and a mentee attending a career mentoring program meeting on increasing responsibility
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Create career path groups and mentoring circles

Connect cohorts of employees with one another and create career mentorship opportunities. Help mentees connect with mentors to further their professional development

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A group of employees gathered under the groups feature of Qooper
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Track participation & measure outcomes on a live dashboard

With Qooper's live mentorship tracking dashboard, receive reporting outcomes on engagement, development, belonging, and employee outlook on the company. 

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Tracking and reporting on Qooper's mentoring software platform
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A graph explaining what the most effective way to career paths is
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What is the most effective way to drive career paths?

  • Employees love to learn from each other.
  • In fact, it is still the most effective way of acquiring new skills and career pathing.
  • However, running career mentoring programs can be a burden on admin.
  • Qooper will launch your programs in under 2-3 hours and maintain these programs so admins don't have to.

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Customer Testimonials & Reviews

Extraordinary matching algorithm

During Northwell's Inaugural Mentorship Program, I and my mentor were matched by what we call the world's best algorithm, because it was!

Dani L.
Northwell Health

AI matching feature is a big seller

An AI mentoring platform that is a step above the competition. Although we were going to be starting small, we knew from the outset we wanted the ability to offer mentoring opportunities to our global team.

Matt H.
Senior OD Manager

Live support is flawless

The ability to connect with a rep LIVE is amazing. I, along with the team was able to jump on several calls for clarification on aspects of Qooper we were unfamiliar with.

LaCheryl A.
Civic & Social Organization

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