Improve Student Onboarding & Retention

Improve student experience with peer mentoring

  • Acclimate students to the university culture
  • Surround each student with the best connections from day 1
  • Help discover colleges and majors
  • Offer connection and resources in 1 place
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Academic guidance on Majors & Colleges

Create groups and communities to help discover:

  • Easy meeting scheduling and progress tracking for academic advisors
  • Targeted course discussions in Q&A format
  • Resources on different majors
  • Webinars and events about different colleges
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majors and colleges

Mentoring Programs Automated for University Staff

Enrollment, Career Services and Alumni Relations are already as busy as they are

Qooper automates program work from start to finish so you can focus on improvements and not management work

profile questionnaire


Promote with an email campaign and collect profiles

mentor matching


Create the best mentoring relationships with smart match



Guide relationships with resources 

reporting tracking measurement


Get results from your program and report efficiently

job opportunities

Improve Career Outcomes

Increase job placement rates by connecting students with alumni to explore various career paths and learn particular skills:

  • Career guidance
  • Mock interviews
  • Resume building
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The Best University Mobile App of 2020

Increase engagement by 68%.

Meet your alumni and students where they spend most of their time - on their smartphones with rich university mobile apps.

  • Mentorship
  • Events, News & Learning
  • Community
  • Networking


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student ambassador

Virtual Campus Visits

Amplify your Student & College Ambassador Programs by allowing prospective students tour your campus, community and offerings on their computers or mobile devices - whenever, wherever.

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Drive Alumni Engagement

  • Engage your alumni by creating a personal connection with the student network
  • Connect Alumni with their alma matter
  • Create better job opportunities from your network
  • Share career resources, university events, and news
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alumni success


University integrations

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