Student Career Guidance & Community from Day 1

Run student-peer mentoring and student-alumni mentoring programs at scale with best practices.
Launch internal mentoring programs for staff.

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Improve academic success & belonging

Improve student experience with peer mentoring.

  • Acclimate students to the university culture
  • Surround each student with connections from day 1
  • Help discover colleges and majors
  • Offer financial, mental, academic support

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Academic guidance on university offerings

Create groups and communities for students to belong, explore academic options, and access university resources

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Improve career outcomes

Increase job placement rates by connecting students with alumni to explore different career paths and learn particular skills:

  • Career exploration
  • Mock interviews
  • Resume building

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Mobile apps on the go

Increase student engagement with the program by 68%.
Meet alumni and students where they spend most of their time - on their smartphones.

  • Mentorship
  • Events, News, Learning
  • Community
  • Networking

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Drive alumni engagement

Create a personal connection to the university by connecting your alumni with your students in meaningful relationships.

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