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#1 Rated Mentorship Software & Learning Platform by Gartner

Solutions Overview



CSV Upload, SSO, Outlook/GSuite, Slack/Teams, HRIS, LMS, Database integrations.

Program Design
Professionally designed program templates with flexibility for your customizations. Consultation with a dedicated customer success manager.

Promotion & Launch
Email templates, landing pages, and launch outlines to kick-start your programs

Mentor Matching
Customizable Smart Matching tool with Manual Match, Bulk  Mentor Suggest, Auto-Match, and more functionalities.

Mentor-mentee training modules and ATD Certified professional trainers to create the best mentors to offer the best learning experience for mentees.

Mentorship & Learning
1:1 Mentorship Styles, Coaching, SME Groups, Circles, Networks, E-Learning Paths, Lessons, Opportunities, Program Steps, Events and much more. Chat, Meeting Scheduler, Goal Setting, Mentoring Agreement, Feedbacks, Discussion Board and more.

Automated next steps delivery to guide mentoring sessions towards program goal.

Track relationship progress, feedback and outcomes with full visibility into activities.

Report on the ROI with our ROI calculator through faster onboarding, better performance, and retention by guiding careers, skills, and inclusion. Access analytics, engagement, and progress data.

Multi-Program Structure
 Run multiple instances of mentorship and learning programs with different goals or populations.

Support & Services
Dedicated customer success manager, technical support, professional trainers, and program admin. 

Enterprise Ready
SOC II Compliant, GDPR Ready, Multilingual, Admin Roles, FedRAMP Certified Hosting

Across All Platforms
Web Browsers (computer), iOS, Android, Teams, Slack.

Email, In-App, Push, Slack/Teams notifications