smart mentor matching algorithm

Better Member Connections 

Create better connections in your association from day 1 and develop careers:

  • Mentoring for career guidance
  • Peer coaching for skill development 
  • Targeted interest groups for learning
  • Communities with discussion forum


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List new member benefits on your website to increase memberships, improve retention and development.

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member mentoring benefit
better connections

Improve Student Guidance & Member Retention

Improve career guidance in your association's areas of expertise to retain young members in the field, therefore your association.

Create better connections for students from day 1, access to industry resources and online communities.

Connect members on an interactive platform

Young members look for interactive ways to connect.

Offer the right connections and content on a modern platform. 


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Component 7

Full Automation for Program Mangers

Your volunteers are already as busy as they are. This is why Qooper makes mentoring programs structured, scalable and automated


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1. Enroll

Program Templates with promotion strategy


2. Match

Automated algorithmic connections

smart goals

3. Follow Up

Training and automated relationship facilitation steps

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4. Report

Member development and progress analytics

associations mentoring roi

Member Analytics

& Reporting

What do your members look to get out of your association?

Uncover member engagement analytics and understand what skills they're interested - offer the right resources and webinars.

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skill gaps learning


Easier member login and synchronize memberships

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