Nurse Mentorship Programs Made Easy with Qooper Mentoring Software

Launch nurse mentoring programs with Qooper template.
Offload the heavy administrative work with mentor matching, training, tracking solutions.

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Match your nurses and mentors with Qooper's algorithm

Qooper's smart matching algorithm will suggest the best options to match nurses to nurses, medical professionals or hospital staff for them to form mentoring relationships saving admins hours of work.

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Ensure effective mentorship training with Qooper resources

To ensure effective development, we recommend both the mentors and mentees go through a concise but powerful training process. The Qooper library has bite-sized, easy-to-consume trainings ready to go.

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Achieve Nurse Outcomes with Qooper

Nurse mentorship programs are proven to increase nurse retention, especially in the underrepresented employee groups, by driving nurse careers forward and creating communities.

Qooper makes it easy for medical organizations to start their programs with best practices from other medical organizations and scales them with software solutions.


Create Mentorship & Peer Learning Opportunities

Implementing mentoring programs within your hospital can help the skill acquisition process nurturing your people's professional growth and fostering a collaborative learning environment.

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Create career groups, circles, and communities

Connect cohorts of employees with one another and create career mentorship opportunities. Help mentees connect with mentors to further their professional development.

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Track participation & measure outcomes

With Qooper's live mentorship tracking dashboard, receive reporting outcomes on engagement, development, belonging, and employee outlook on the company. 

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Customer Testimonials & Reviews

Extraordinary matching algorithm

During Northwell's Inaugural Mentorship Program, I and my mentor were matched by what we call the world's best algorithm, because it was!

Dani L.
Northwell Health

Excellent partner from day one

Qooper has been an invaluable partner in sustaining our mentorship program for Cotiviti employees. Their exceptional support, proactive updates, and insightful guidance have made program management seamless.

Cindee P.

Live support is flawless

The ability to connect with a rep LIVE is amazing. I, along with the team was able to jump on several calls for clarification on aspects of Qooper we were unfamiliar with.

LaCheryl A.
Civic & Social Organization

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