Small, Medium, Large companies looking to improve employee onboarding, development, engagement, diversity and retention

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Improve student onboarding, academic guidance, retention and job placement outcomes with alumni engagement

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Improve member benefits and value. Create better member connections, guide student careers and improve retention

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Mentorship, Peer Coaching, Group Learning

Launch mentorship and training programs in your organization at scale

  • Mentor guidance for career development
  • Peer coaching for collaboration and belonging
  • Groups for topic based discussions and learning
  • Self-paced learning for training
  • Engagement - Encouragement and facilitation
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integrations with systems

Seamless integration with your existing systems

Mentoring Program Solutions for Admins

Program Design - Mentor Matching - Facilitation & Engagement - Tracking & Measurement

Qooper automates mentoring and learning programs from start to finish so you can focus on results and stop managing.


#1 Platform by Gartner Digital Markets


Scale your mentoring program in 4 Steps

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1. Design

Program Templates & Customization


2. Match

Automate Mentor Matching with Smart Matching Tools


3. Facilitate

Personalized Follow Ups with a Guided Experience

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4. Measure

Track Relationships, Progress & Report ROI

Personalized Learning at Scale

Create a knowledge sharing network with:

  • 1 to 1 knowledge sharing
  • Group learning
  • Learning content by Qooper & your team


Create trigger events and schedule learning content.

Preserve knowledge for future generations


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People Analytics & Measurements

Uncover relationship progress data and measure overall program outcomes

  • Match % and active pairs
  • Goal and meeting topics
  • Learning and progress tracking
  • Individual activity timelines
  • Main development areas
  • Meeting frequency and durations
tracking measurement


Program Design

Customize 5 stages of your program with Qooper's flexible structure and best practices

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Mentor Matching

Automate mentor matching and introduction work with smart algorithmic matching tools

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Mentoring & Learning

Interact on a modern platform with communication, mentoring, learning features

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Facilitation & Engagement

Engage with your program, facilitate relationships with a guided experience and provide resources.

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Tracking & Measurement

Uncover data surrounding your program, track progress, and collect measurements. Report easily

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Support, Integrations

Live chat, screen share, video recordings, mentoring resources and technical support for the success of your program. SSO, HRIS, ERP, LMS, Office 365 and GSuite Integrations.

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