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mentoring & learning
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mentoring & learning

Online mentoring platform with an engaging experience

Meet your people where they work and engage them with mentorship and training on an easy to use mentorship platform. Integrate the mentor matching platform and mentoring app with your existing systems such as Google Workspace, Outlook, and Microsoft Teams. 

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Qooper's integrations
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Qooper mentor mentee matching offloads the administrative workload of mentoring programs
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Offload the administrative workload of mentoring programs

Qooper Mentoring Software's automation solutions allow program managers to focus on growing and reporting on the program, instead of managing it.

  • Mentor mentee matching and admin matching algorithm with smart suggestions to find the perfect match.
  • Pre-designed training materials, pre-built templates and mentor-mentee resources
  • Automated follow ups with conversation starters, reminders, meetings and mentorship session agendas
  • Flagging mentoring relationships that aren't working well or have lower progress

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Report effectively on your mentorship program

Access analytics, surveys and insights into relationship progress with Qooper Business Mentoring Software for an effortless success tracking. Report ROI to leadership and show engagement data on mentoring and peer learning on a clean mentoring platform software dashboard for a future-ready workforce. 

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Report effectively on your mentorship program with Qooper mentoring software
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Why run a mentoring program?

63% of employees identify mentoring and coaching as their preferred method for career guidance followed by conferences, online courses, and formal education. Employee mentoring is essential to successful onboarding, higher performance, better employee retention, employee engagement and employee satisfaction.

More confident handling new challenges

Learned new skills and knowledge for job

Quality of work has improved with better employee experience

Ambition to take on more responsibility

Of employees' preferred method of learning
employee growth plan through mentoring program on Qooper mentoring platform
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A Modern Approach To Employee Growth

  • Develop employee careers, skills and inclusion through effective mentoring programs on an integrated mentoring platform
  • Improve employee onboarding, performance, retention outcomes and connection with a configurable mentoring software
  • Create career development opportunities as the program administrator for your program participants.

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What types of mentoring programs are there?

No need to start from scratch. Leverage Qooper Mentoring & Learning Software's pre-built mentoring program templates to get started in no time. Join a range of industries and companies and connect your employees with one another, create mentoring circles, train mentoring experts and create knowledge-sharing opportunities through mentorship and peer learning.

Benefits of Using Mentoring Software to Launch & Scale Your Mentoring Program in 4 Steps

Mentorship programs are impactful, but, they are usually cumbersome to manage and the essential success metrics are difficult to measure without additional tools. A mentoring program software can streamline the mentor-mentee matching work with pairing algorithm and bring training materials and follow-ups to your program. Without an engaging mentoring software like Qooper, it is difficult to structure and track mentoring relationships. With Qooper's Employee Mentoring Solution you can scale your mentorship programs on a modern mentoring platform in a fraction of the time.

Enterprise-Ready Solutions & Support

Our online mentoring software and peer learning solutions bring enterprise-grade security, support, and data privacy measures to serve hundreds of thousands of companies and make the process easier for administrators when they are planning their mentoring strategy.

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Enterprise-Ready Solutions & Support by Qooper Mentoring Software
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#1 Rated Mentoring Software By Clients

Exceptional mentoring programs

The participants embraced the mentor program more than we thought. They really valued it as an integral part of their professional development.

Ayesha H.
Orasure Technologies

Admin burden lifted with Qooper

The AI mentor match feature was a big seller. It's proven to be the right choice for us in terms of finding the perfect mentor/ mentee matches, applications of use, ease of customization, and deployment.

Matt H.
Senior OD Manager

Support from day one

Qooper supported us from day one, keeping us up to date with new features, preparing a business case for us, providing suggestions, and assisting me in managing our program despite our small team.

Cindee P.
Cotiviti - Program Manager

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Discover how Qooper can help your organizational goals and people development today.

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You can integrate Qooper Employee Mentoring Platform with your existing systems. It's possible to run employee mentoring programs through integrations with GSuite (including Google Calendar), Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Zoom, Oracle, Workday, BambooHR, Webex, ADP, Salesforce, Cornerstone, SAP Success Factors, and many more.
Yes, it's possible to run DE&I Mentoring Programs with Qooper to enable career growth, increase employee retention rates and employee engagement of underrepresented employees, create 1-1 mentorship opportunities, and encourage continuous development.
A  configurable mentoring software is a tool designed to facilitate and enhance mentorship programs. It caters to the needs of large-scale organizations that aim to connect mentors with mentees on a broader scale. By leveraging its mentor matching algorithm, Qooper mentoring software enables mentorship at scale, efficiently matching mentors and mentees based on their preferences, expertise, and mentoring goals creating a seamless mentoring process. One of the key features of a mentoring software is the ability to pair mentors, mentees and participants, ensuring compatibility and fostering productive relationships. Additionally, a mentoring software often provides various features and resources to support mentors and mentees throughout the mentoring journey, including groups for communication, goal setting and analytics tracking, progress monitoring, and feedback mechanisms. These features collectively enhance the effectiveness and impact of mentorship programs, creating a structured and supportive environment for participants seeking professional or personal growth through mentorship.
An online mentoring program can be a cost-efficient way to conduct enterprise mentoring programs as there is just a one-time cost of purchasing the software. The price of an online software would start at $3,000. You may read more details on how much a mentoring software costs in our article. If you are interested in starting a mentoring program in your organizations and looking to get a quote, please visit our request pricing page.
Having a well-defined set of mentorship goals is crucial for a successful mentoring relationship. The goals may vary for mentors, mentees, and the organizations. For organizations considering starting mentorship programs, the goal should be focusing on repetitive problems. These may include, reducing employee turnover, increasing employee engagement and promotion rates, fostering employee succession, creating a diverse workplace for minorities and attracting and retaining high-value employees. Starting robust mentoring programs may seem difficult at first, please visit our article to learn more about mentorship goals.
Yes, Qooper offers a bulk-match option. As the program admin, you can automatically match program participants over a certain match rate. It's also possible to get bulk-suggest, which allows you to get recommendations for everyone in the program. Manual match and self-match are also other matching options.
Yes, Qooper allows mentees and mentors to leave feedback allowing program admins to track which relationships are successful and how the relationships are progressing. Running corporate mentorship programs with Qooper reduces repetitive administrative tasks such as feedback acquisition as well as tracking goal completions and acquiring insightful reporting, running mentoring sessions, creating programs with design, and finding the convenient match for program participants.
Effective online mentoring software includes advanced mentoring formats, mentorship process management, mentor profiles, scalable mentor platforms, mentorship activities, and the ability to book mentoring appointments. These features enable organizations to foster a mentoring culture, facilitate leadership development, and conduct mentorship at scale.
An effective mentorship program must include the three C's of mentoring: communication, clarity, and commitment. It offers a structure for the mentor and mentee to collaborate on achieving a common objective while developing a relationship based on support and trust. Mentorship programs have the potential to significantly improve professional growth, work happiness, and overall organizational success when they are correctly implemented. If you are interested in learning more about starting mentoring programs in your organization, visit our guide.