Seamless Mentoring & Coaching Experience On One Platform

Bring all mentoring experiences on one platform under Qooper's Mentoring, Learning and Inclusion Software. Find your mentors and peers, and develop them in training and coaching.

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mentor mentee matching

Algorithmic mentorship match suggestions

A successful completion of Qooper's mentorship profile survey prepares the participants for the best mentorship matching outcomes through Qooper's smart algorithm.

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Flexibility in finding the best mentorship match

Looking for additional support? Did you achieve your goal with your existing mentor? Mentees can search for new mentors and pursue a mentoring relationship as long as mentors have the availability.

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Chat with your mentors and peers

Preserve your mentorship conversations in one place privately. Integrate program with other chat tools to stay up to date.

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Mentorship meetings made easy

Mentors and mentees usually need to go back and forth to find a time, decide on a topic, take notes, or even come up with good questions to ask. Qooper provides solutions to all of these four scenarios:

  • Calendar integration
  • Topic suggestions
  • Mentorship meeting agendas
  • Meeting notes
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goal setting and milestones

Stay up to date with mentorship goals and milestones

Use goal templates, set goals, and track milestones to get there. 

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Share public or private feedbacks & take notes

A modern virtual mentorship platform for the mentors and mentees to connect, engage, and develop.
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Next Steps in Teams

Working directly in Teams & Slack

Receive notifications on Teams & Slack about updates and what you missed. 
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Receive helpful tips and reminders

Mentorship meeting agendas, goal templates, and feedback surveys provided for mentors and mentees to facilitate their relationships.

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Access Mentorship Trainings

Whether you're a first time mentor/mentee or want to sharpen your skills, use Qooper's mentorship library for the best mentoring experience.

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Achieve badges & receive certification

As mentors and mentees schedule their mentorship meetings, achieve their goals and complete the training, they receive badges and certification through Qooper's reward system.

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badges and certification

Solutions for effective employee experience

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