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Built-in Chat & Video Call

  • Qooper Instant Connect with communication access on desktop apps and mobile apps
  • No need to exchange 3rd party usernames
  • Increase engagement with the program with ready-to-go solutions
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Meeting Scheduler & Calendar Integration

Allow your people to set up availabilities, schedule meetings easily and integrate with calendars.

meeting scheduler availability calendar integration

Set Goals, Achieve, Repeat

Achieve goals with mentor guidance, peer coaching and community learning

  • Goal Setting
  • Milestones
  • Guided experience to encourage goal setting with resources
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Group Mentoring & Peer Coaching

Create targeted groups and communities with:

  • Q&A discussion forum
  • Learning and resource sharing
  • Group events and workshops


group mentoring circles community

Notes & Feedback

Take notes, provide feedback and rate match progress


Personalized Learning

Integrations with e-learning, LMS and other 3rd party tools.

  • 1 to 1 learning and knowledge sharing
  • Targeted topic group based community learning
  • Admin shared learning resource


Preserve your networks knowledge and offer for upcoming generations

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Other Solutions

Mentor Matching

Automate mentor matching and introduction work with smart algorithmic matching tools

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Facilitation & Engagement

Engage with your program, facilitate relationships with a guided experience and provide resources.

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