Groups, Circles & Communities on Qooper's Mentoring Software

Connect mentors and mentees in groups as another level of support for their career development, learning, and inclusion.

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groups, circles

Explore various groups

Use Qooper's recommendations or design your own groups as mentoring circles, networks, ERGs, expertise groups, cohorts and more.

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Join discussions and conversations

Leverage discussion forums to give Q&A opportunity to the mentors and mentees.

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group discussion

Explore group resources and trainings

Have group specific resources and training content for a tailored learning approach.

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RSVP to group meetings and events

Groups are able to create group events and meetings with calendar and video call integrations.

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group meetings and group events
Teams and slack integration

Integrated with your Teams & Slack environments

Connect groups to your existing Slack or Teams channels for cohesion.
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