2022's Best Mentoring Software to Streamline Your Mentorship Programs

Mentorship programs managed from start to finish with Qooper's best practices and software solutions.

  • Program Design
  • Mentor Matching
  • Training, Follow Ups
  • Structure
  • Tracking
  • Reporting
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Mentorship Programs - Managed End to End

Program Design

Best practices used by hundreds of organizations


Templates for email, landing page and kick off


Resources for mentors and mentees


Smart mentor matching algorithm


Meeting agendas, ice breakers, mentorship activities

Virtual Platform

Mentorship enablement that integrates with daily systems


Visibility into mentoring relationships and feedback


ROI, program outcomes and reports


Turn Key & Configurable Mentorship Program Templates

Use our easy to use customizable mentorship program templates based on the type of program you want to run, the program goals, and target population.

Qooper's multi program structure allows you to run multiple programs simultaneously 

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Effective Program Promotion & Launch

Looking to increase participation?

Use our existing marketing collateral with landing page and mentorship program promotion material.

Collect mentor and mentee profiles on a clean dashboard.

mentorship program participation
smart mentor matching algorithm

Match Mentors & Mentees Easily with Smart Mentor Matching Algorithm

Eliminate mentor matching work on excel spreadsheets and remove politics with Qooper Smart Mentor Matching Algorithm suggestion.

  • Bulk Mentor Suggest
  • Manual Matching
  • Self-Matching
  • Auto-Match
  • Customizable Algorithm
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Train Mentors & Mentees Effectively

Trainings and mentorship resources provided by ATD and CIPD certified trainers.

Trainings include articles, videos, and slideshows.

  • Mentorship training
  • Soft Skills training
  • Leadership training
  • Custom trainings
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qooper mentoring software learning software

Engage on a Seamless Mentorship Platform & Mentoring App

  • A modern virtual mentorship platform for the mentors and mentees to connect, engage, and develop.
  • Easy to use - no training required
  • Fully Integrated
  • Multi-Lingual
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“Qooper is extremely user-friendly and the support team is excellent. Launching our mentoring program was extremely stressful and our rep was there every step of the way. The steps and guidance provided seems to really help everybody new to the program.”

“Qooper is assisting us with knowledge sharing amongst state employees. Qooper has been phenomenal in the helping us build the mentorship program. We appreciate your professional customer service and dedication to duty.”

“We have been working with Qooper for about three months, and it has been a great experience. We are migrating from a different platform, and that transition has been fast and easy!”

Easily Set Up Effective Mentorship Meetings

Integrated meeting scheduler with recommended session agendas and topics.

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meeting scheduler with integrations and agenda-1

Follow - Up & Communicate Effortlessly

Facilitate relationships with mentorship meeting agendas, ice breakers, conversation starters, and activities.

Customize to your development framework to align initiatives.

steps 1
goal and milestone setting

Help Set Goals & Milestones

Help achieve goals with mentor guidance, peer coaching, learning and groups:

  • Goal Setting
  • Milestones
  • Customizable goal templates
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Take Notes & Share Feedback

An essential piece for mentoring and coaching are effective feedbacks that show match effectiveness and progress satisfaction.

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notes and feedback
groups, circles

Engage on Groups, Circles, Communities

Use Qooper's flexible Group structure to match participants to relevant groups.

Leverage groups as circles, SME groups, and communities.

  • Q&A discussion forum
  • Topic based learning content
  • Events and meetings

Track Mentoring Relationships

Track mentor-mentee progress and review feedback.

Uncover and filter which relationships are successful and which ones are at a halt.

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tracking and reporting
reporting analytics

Access Reporting & Measurements

Gain data and analytics in your mentorship program.

Access results from:

  • Program and individual progress
  • Surveys
  • HRIS integration
  • ROI calculator
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Integrate with your existing systems

HRIS/Database, calendar, video, email, collaboration system integrations for a seamless experience.

system integrations

Get Support & Services from Start to Finish

Our support and services are with you during onboarding, training, and launch.:

  • Dedicated CS Manager
  • 24/7 Tech support
  • Professional Trainers
  • Knowledge Base
  • Pre-Designed Program Templates

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