Best Mentoring Software to Streamline Your Mentorship Programs

Mentorship programs are managed from start to finish with Qooper's best practices and software solutions:
Program Design, Promotion & Launch, Mentor Matching, Training & Guidance, Tracking & Reporting

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Offload the administrative workload of mentoring programs displayed on mobile and laptop screens
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Match mentors and mentees with smart mentor matching algorithm

Eliminate mentor matching work on excel spreadsheets and remove politics with Qooper's Smart Mentor Matching Algorithm suggestions.

Assign match weights to selected criteria or simply customize the recommended weights based on Qooper's best practices. Allow Qooper to align with your programs priorities while suggesting mentor matches.

    • Bulk Mentor Suggest
    • Manual Matching
    • Self-Matching
    • Auto-Match
    • Customizable Algorithm

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Train on mentorship and soft skills effectively

Training and mentorship resources are provided by ATD and CIPD-certified trainers.

Training include articles, videos, and slideshows.

  • Mentorship training
  • Soft Skills training
  • Leadership training
  • Custom trainings

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Train on mentorship and soft skills effectively
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Integrations with Qooper
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Enable mentorship on a seamless mentorship platform and mentoring app

  • A modern white label virtual mentorship platform for the mentors and mentees to connect, engage, and develop
  • Easy to use - no training required
  • Fully Integrated
  • Multi-lingual

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Various mentoring styles under one mentoring platform

Traditional 1:1






Easily set up effective mentorship meetings

Integrated meeting scheduler with recommended session agendas and topics.

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meeting scheduler with integrations and agenda-1
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Customer Testimonials & Reviews

Extraordinary matching algorithm

During Northwell's Inaugural Mentorship Program, I and my mentor were matched by what we call the world's best algorithm, because it was!

Dani L.
Northwell Health

AI matching feature is a big seller

An AI mentoring platform that is a step above the competition. Although we were going to be starting small, we knew from the outset we wanted the ability to offer mentoring opportunities to our global team.

Matt H.
Senior OD Manager

Live support is flawless

The ability to connect with a rep LIVE is amazing. I, along with the team was able to jump on several calls for clarification on aspects of Qooper we were unfamiliar with.

LaCheryl A.
Civic & Social Organization

Guide mentoring relationships and follow up effectively

Facilitate relationships with mentorship meeting agendas, ice breakers, conversation starters, and activities.

Customize your development framework to align initiatives.

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qooper career mentoring program and mentoring platform
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groups, circles by Qooper
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Engage in mentorship groups, circles, and communities

Use Qooper's flexible Group structure to match participants to relevant groups.

Leverage groups as mentoring circles, expertise groups, ERGs, and communities.

  • Q&A discussion forum
  • Topic based learning content
  • Events and meetings

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Track mentoring relationships

Track mentor-mentee progress and review feedback.

Uncover and filter which relationships are successful and which ones are at a halt.

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Offload the administrative workload of mentoring programs
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Access reporting and measurements

Gain data and analytics in your mentorship program.

Access results from:

  • Program and individual progress
  • Surveys with survey integrations
  • HRIS integration
  • ROI calculator

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Pre-built mentorship program templates
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Pre-built mentorship program templates

Use our professionally designed and configurable mentorship program templates to easily get started. Qooper's multi-program structure allows you to run multiple programs simultaneously.

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Effective program promotion and launch

Looking to increase participation?

Use our existing marketing collateral with a landing page and mentorship program promotion material.

Collect mentor and mentee profiles on a clean dashboard.

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Effective program promotion and launch by Qooper
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Access support and services from start to finish

Our support and services are with you during onboarding, training, and launch:

  • Dedicated CS manager
  • 24/7 Tech support
  • Professional trainers
  • Knowledge base
  • Pre-built program designs

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people in an office
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Integrate with your existing systems

HRIS/Database, calendar, video, email, collaboration system, LMS, PMS, and survey integrations for a seamless experience.


You can integrate Qooper with your existing systems. It's possible to run employee mentoring programs through integrations with GSuite (including Google Calendar), Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Zoom, Oracle, Workday, BambooHR, Webex, ADP, Salesforce, Cornerstone, SAP Success Factors, and many more.

Yes, it's possible to run DE&I Mentoring Programs with Qooper to enable career growth, increase employee retention rates and employee engagement of underrepresented employees, create 1-1 mentorship opportunities, and encourage continuous development. You may visit the ERG Software page for more detail.

A configurable mentoring software is a tool designed to facilitate and enhance mentorship programs. It caters to the needs of large-scale organizations that aim to connect mentors with mentees on a broader scale. By leveraging its mentor matching algorithm, Qooper mentoring software enables mentorship at scale, efficiently matching mentors and mentees based on their preferences, expertise, and mentoring goals creating a seamless mentoring process. One of the key features of a mentoring software is the ability to pair mentors, mentees and participants, ensuring compatibility and fostering productive relationships. Additionally, a mentoring software often provides various features and researched-backed resources to support mentors and mentees throughout the mentoring journey, including groups for communication, goal setting and analytics tracking, progress monitoring, and feedback mechanisms. These features collectively enhance the effectiveness and impact of mentorship programs, creating a structured and supportive environment for participants seeking professional or personal growth through mentorship.

An agile mentoring program can be a cost-efficient way to conduct enterprise mentoring programs as there is just a one-time cost of purchasing the software. You may read more details on how much a mentoring software costs in our article. If you are interested in starting a mentoring program in your organizations and looking to get a quote, please visit our request pricing page.

Having a well-defined set of mentorship goals is crucial for a successful mentoring relationship. The goals may vary for mentors, mentees, and the organizations. For organizations considering starting mentorship programs, the goal should be focusing on repetitive problems. These may include, reducing employee turnover, increasing employee engagement and promotion rates, fostering employee succession, creating a diverse workplace for minorities and attracting and retaining high-value employees. Starting robust mentoring programs may seem difficult at first, please visit our article to learn more about mentorship goals.

Yes, Qooper offers a bulk-match option. As the program admin, you can automatically match program participants over a certain match rate. It's also possible to get bulk-suggest, which allows you to get recommendations for everyone in the program. Manual match and self-match are also other matching options.

Yes, Qooper allows mentees and mentors to leave feedback allowing program admins to track which relationships are successful and how the relationships are progressing. Running corporate mentorship programs with Qooper reduces repetitive administrative tasks such as session feedback as well as tracking goal completions and acquiring insightful reporting, running mentoring sessions, creating programs with design, and finding the convenient match for program participants.

Effective online mentoring software includes advanced mentoring formats, mentorship process management, mentor profiles, scalable mentor platforms, mentorship activities, and the ability to book mentoring appointments. These features enable organizations to foster a mentoring culture, facilitate leadership development, and conduct mentorship at scale.

An effective mentorship program must include the three C's of mentoring: communication, clarity, and commitment. It offers a structure for the mentor and mentee to collaborate on achieving a common objective while developing a relationship based on support and trust. Mentorship programs have the potential to significantly improve professional growth, work happiness, and overall organizational success when they are correctly implemented. If you are interested in learning more about starting mentoring programmes in your organization, visit our guide.

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