Run New Manager Training Program at Scale with Qooper

Train and upskill new managers and supervisors by pairing them with mentors. Start running Qooper's new manager training program today in the work place.

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Run New Manager Training Program at Scale with Qooper

Pair up your new managers with mentors

Qooper's smart matching algorithm will pair up new managers and supervisors with mentors to guide them in their new roles.

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Auto-deliver your new manager training materials

Deliver new manager training materials to your first time managers on a cadence, automatically, directly into their inbox. Train, develop, and succeed. 

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Guide mentorship activities and sessions

Qooper provides mentorship session agendas for new managers to role play, handling various scenarios and to acquire new skills.

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Track participation & measure outcomes on a live dashboard 

Measure willingness to take on new roles, confidence in skills and outlook in the company on a live dashboard.

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“The participants embraced mentorship more than we thought. They really valued it as an integral part of their professional development”

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