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Employee Ramp up in 2 weeks - How this Credit Union is Achieving it?

Employee Ramp up in 2 weeks - How this Credit Union is Achieving it?

The Challenge: New hire onboarding and ramp up has always been a pain point. With COVID-19, it got to a whole another level.

Manager's can get a sense of employees who're stuck to intervene, employees have less of a sense of community and collaboration.

However, this Credit Union has a solution and are now taking it to the next level with automation, structure and tracking.


The Solution: Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex...

The list goes on  - and you probably guessed it!

Video call is not the answer.

This company is having their new hires stay on the call 8 hours/day (specifically sales and customer service employees).

Now that the program is working as employees feed off of each other on the continuous stream of video call - they started to structure it with Qooper Mentoring & Learning Software


Here's the outline:

  1. Employee connects with their manager on Microsoft Teams
  2. First day, they get matched through Qooper's smart matching algorithm
  3. Mock up calls start on Teams
  4. As the manager understands where the employee is standing, they set a Goal and determine Milestones to get there (usually different from employee to employee)
  5. On the Groups tab, new employees get exposure to different sectors, ERGs, and departments under the company for connection. Also a new hires group so they know "where to go to get the stapler" so to speak.
  6. Different employee onboarding resources getting delivered under Learning so they have a step by step process to learn and follow. Their manager is also able to pull relevant resources and provide to the employee for personalized learning
  7. In the backend, HR team and managers view common development areas skill gaps for improvements in the automatically delivered onboarding materials.


The Result: Simply put, 2 weeks for new hire ramp up, connectivity to the company and inclusion - instead of 2 months. Even in a COVID-19 era.


What would a 2 week ramp up time do for your company?

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