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ROI of Mentorship Programs - A Global Company with a Connected & Diverse Employee base

A Global Company with a Connected & Diverse Employee base

Global companies struggle to connect their employees from different sectors, departments and create community. A connected workforce shares best practices in their sales, service and product departments for company-wide learning, create diversity groups and promote internal mobility.

However, it is difficult to connect employees from such backgrounds without HR intervention.

And we all know HR is already as busy as they can get.


An internal mentoring program to connect employees from different personal and professional backgrounds creates connections to share best practices on skills, careers and diversity.


How does this look for an employee?


Let's take Sarah, who is a mid-level employee in Customer Service in the Aerospace division:


  1. We match Sarah up with a senior level employee so she can have career guidance. Mentored employees are promoted 5x more often than those without mentoring, and 44% less likely to leave the company.
  2. We match Sarah up with an entry level employee.  Because mentors are 6x more likely to be promoted. Also, over 80% of mentors say they developed their own skills by mentoring others.
  3. She also connects with her peers, in different sectors and from different backgrounds to exchange best practices in Customer Service.
  4. The most important comes with Groups - where, employees from different sectors, diverse backgrounds, and roles join Groups related to these aspects. For example, Sarah joins the Sales group, Women in Aerospace Group and Customer Service in Manufacturing group. This is where she gets exposure to different backgrounds and best practices


Through Qooper's Mentoring & Learning Software solutions, global companies with 1000s of employees are able to create mentoring  and peer coaching relationships, also online groups on diversity, sectors and skills - where they can engage in discussions, learning sharing and create webinars. In the meantime, Qooper sends out resources to facilitate discussions. If you'd like to connect your workforce in meaningful relationships, promote diversity and preserve company knowledge - we'd love to meet you: Demo Qooper


A workforce that shares best practices, promotes inclusion and guides each other on careers and skills achieves better productivity, engagement and internal promotions - which are vital to retention.

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