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Diversity Mentoring

The Role of Mentoring For DE&I Initiatives

  • Melissa Benge
  • June 16 2021


"We're launching a mentoring program as a part of our DE&I Strategy"

Sounds familiar?


But what does that look like?

Here are 3 shapes to them.

Companies invest in internal staff, committee and consultants to determine their DE&I strategy and lead it.


Mentorship programs are one of the pieces of DE&I strategies to develop careers, promote inclusion and improve the development of the participants.


Let's have a look at the alternatives.

1. Career guidance for underrepresented employees

This mentorship program targets employees from underrepresented backgrounds and pairs them up with senior staff so they can have a chance at identifying their career goals within the organization, develop their qualifications and competencies and to get ready to take the next step in their career - on their way to diversifying senior leaders in the organization.

The facilitation on this program should be revolving around career goals and qualifications development


2. Inclusion promoting and cultural alignment program

Mentorship programs are a great way to align employees toward common goals and help them recognize their differences and overcome them as they work towards a project. This mentorship program works to connect employees from different backgrounds and align them towards a project or program goal. In the meantime, equips mentors and mentees with diversity training information for guidance. 


3. ERG mentorship programs

Companies have various ERGs for women, veterans, people of color and LGBTQ+ employees. It is not uncommon that employees within the ERG seek a mentorship program that run within their ERG. It is understandable to hear that individuals from similar demographic backgrounds can relate to and guide those that are from a similar backgrounds. In these types of mentorship programs, it is helpful to ask participants their demographic preferences but not reveal it to their mentorship match. So just use it for the matching process and to take into account their preference - if any.


Important to note, the larger the company, the more likely these programs can co-exist and employees can take part in several of these programs based on invite or open enrollment.



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