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Leadership Sponsorship Letter on Your Mentoring Program

  • Jessica Bayer-Small
  • September 15 2021

Mentorship programs greatly benefit from an executive sponsor and leadership.

Which level could this executive sponsor be at?

  • C-Suite
  • VPs
  • DE&I Leaders
  • HR Leaders
  • Learning & Development Leader
  • Training Leader


By showing leadership support, you can communicate to your employees the emphasis and attention on the mentorship program to prepare the future leaders, guide careers and develop your employees.


Besides defining the below, the executive sponsor basically puts the stamp on your official mentorship program:

  • Program Goal
  • Target Audience
  • Roles & Expectations
  • Program Duration


This information will also be helpful to your executive sponsor to bring them up to speed on the mentorship program you're launching and explain why you're launching the mentoring program.


If you'd like to use a sample letter and make it easy for your executive sponsor, you can follow the following template:


Subject: Mentoring Inspiration from the CEO


Dear employees/teammates,


This is CEO_NAME writing this letter to show my support and paying forward through the launch of our mentorship program.


I personally invite you to take part in this mentorship program for career guidance, skill development and inclusion.


The reason why we’re launching this program is, we simply don’t know - what we don’t know.

And mentoring is the most effective way to get personalized learning.

Our vision, the world we live in is only expanded by seeing what’s possible elsewhere.

We expand our vision and understand how we can make new worlds happen through mentorship.

Mentorship helps us discover goals, new paths and achievements.

Mentorship helps in avoiding trial and error.

Mentorship allows us to help the next generation not make the same mistakes we did and take us to the next level.


I have been able to get to where I am simply, and with great thanks to my mentor. I was able to expand my vision at an early age, understand what would be possible and determine my path to get there. My mentor has been there to help me have options and evaluate each one for myself, along with drawing a path to get there. Luckily, one of the path’s I’ve been passionate about is cybersecurity and leading amazing, world-class people, in this field. This is how I got to where I am. Starting early, with a clear goal and a realistic path to get there.


So, get started today.


Determine your goals, decide which one you want to hone in on, and draw a path to get there.


I look forward to hearing about your new connections, mentoring relationships, progress and education - to create the next level you.


We all look at life from different lenses. It never hurts to borrow someone else’s to see what could be possible.


Looking forward to having you in our mentorship program.





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