Mentoring Program for MAGNET Designation in Healthcare

One of the requirements of the MAGNET designation is running a mentoring program at scale, which usually comes with it's own challenges.


There are 9 key steps to launching a mentoring program including mentor training, matching, and guiding relationships.


Such a task can become challenging at scale.


If you're wondering where to start, it's likely that you'll start with checking:

  1. Do we have existing mentoring programs we run?
  2. How can we scale them to check the box for the MAGNET designation?


HR professionals in medical organizations are super busy to run such programs at scale so the first step could be checking if the current HR system (such as Workday) offers mentoring solutions.


It is likely they do and that could be a start to exploring if you can scale your mentoring program however we see our healthcare clients not being able to scale their programs this way. In this case, a solution such as Qooper will integrate with Workday and scale mentoring programs to achieve MAGNET designation without requiring workload from HR or busy healthcare professionals.


Who joins mentoring programs in healthcare organizations?

The most common groups are staff, physicians and nurses - which is a requirement of the MAGNET designation.


If you're looking to scale your mentoring program and achieve the MAGNET designation, we're happy to take just 3 hours of your time a year to scale your mentoring program. You can visit us here to get started.