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Free Mentoring Software vs Paid Mentoring Software

  • Omer Usanmaz
  • January 23 2022

Free, freemium and paid mentoring software all have a different price and value comparison. In this article we'll cover what's right for you.

Before evaluating these options for you, let's set up a framework on what to look for in a mentoring software. If you haven't already, we recommend taking a look at 14 factors to consider when choosing mentoring platforms. It lists as follows:

  1. Onboarding
  2. Program Design
  3. Launch
  4. Mentor Matching
  5. Mentor-Mentee Training
  6. Facilitation
  7. Structure
  8. Tracking
  9. Reporting
  10. Integrations
  11. Global Access
  12. Mobile Access
  13. Teams/Slack Access
  14. Security

It might be beneficial to list which ones you need right now. The most popular demand comes with mentor-mentee matching. So you might want to prioritize that over the others unless your company IT requests for security (which in enterprises they do).

If a free tool works for you, the upside of the free tools is, well, it is free. So you can get started today and likely offload the mentor-matching work. 

On the other hand, you can access higher quality tools that allow customizations with a freemium model or with a discount so that you can get started at least with the mentor matching work and stay on the budget friendly side until you start exploring solutions such as training, facilitation, and tracking.

Finally, we have our paid platforms. The paid platforms will not only do the mentor matching work for you, they will bring training materials, facilitation, tracking and reporting into your program. It's essential to mention, none of these tools will work for you, if the mentoring platform doesn't work for your mentors and mentees. So make sure the mentor platform you choose provides a seamless experience for your mentors and mentees.

In summary, a budget will help you scale your mentoring program with best practices and reporting tools, however you can also get started for free today. If you'd like to see a mentoring platform that can scale your mentorship program and help you launch in 2 hours, Qooper can help. You can schedule your demo here.

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