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Employee Mentoring

3 Methods to Boost Engagement in your Mentorship Program

  • Omer Usanmaz
  • December 16 2021

There are 3 key methods you can leverage to keep the engagement up in your mentorship program.

The first and most important method to leverage is facilitation.

After mentors and mentees have been matched, they may get stuck for various reasons such as not knowing what to ask, being busy or even forgetting they're in a mentorship program.

In this scenario, facilitation is needed by providing them questions they can as each other and activities they can do together.

These next steps could be sent out in various cadences.

In a new hire onboarding program, could go out every day  whereas in a career pathways program, could go out every 2 weeks or every month.


The second method is training.

For the first time mentors and mentees or for those who just want to sharpen their skills, mentorship training is helpful to provide new skills they can apply in their relationship such as feedback best practices and goal setting. If you currently don't have any training content, you can request some here.


The third method you can leverage is encouragement.

By completing the mentorship program, you can provide recognition and perhaps a certificate to the mentors and mentees who meet certain criteria. This way, they can show their managers and use on LinkedIn that they can mentor others and are open to growth.


We look forward to seeing these 3 items taking your mentorship program engagement to the next level and if you don't want to spend time putting these resources together or don't want to take on the task to send these out and follow up, Qooper can do these for you with automation and best practices in a turn-key solution. We'll be happy to give you a tour here.

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