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5 Resources to help Student, Alumni, Career Services & Employer outcomes

  • Omer Usanmaz
  • September 9 2020
  • Students need more guidance to navigate the job market than ever

  • Alumni are still willing to connect (with WFH, more time to give back)

  • Career services providing services going virtual

  • Employers looking for talent

Here's how you can help Career Services, Alumni, Students and Employers with 5 resources:

  1. Right away, connect alumni and students - Almost all universities have mentorship programs and more often than not, it's in multiple different schools under the university. Take an engineering student for example - how much more likely are they to get the right career guidance from an alum working in Boeing as an engineer?
  2. Create online communities on social media if you don't have them yet. These could be on different schools (for example for the Engineering School) so that students and alumni can do Q&A's, share best practices and launch webinars.
  3. Provide resources on resume building, social media presentation, interview prep, job market navigation. You already have these resources, make them available on demand.
  4. Offer a webinar, from an alumni that is in Talent Acquisition or HR in a global company to provide best practices on how to navigate.
  5. Provide similar online communities for Employer representatives to do Q&A's, share best practices and launch webinars.

Universities such as CSULB, Washington State and Oklahoma City University provide excellent examples of these programs helping hundreds of students at scale.

Common challenges:

  • Having alumni ready to take part.

  • Knowing which schools under the university need this program

  • Matching alumni with students and following up with next steps

  • Bringing students and alumni together on a common platform with 1:1 and community interaction features

For the most part, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Forms, and Google Meet will help you manage these for a smaller scale program, for around 50 students and alumni.

If you look for a larger program and amplify the impact of career services and alumni relations on the student-alumni-employer network, Qooper Mentoring & Learning Software can help you launch this program in as short as 1 week - with best practices from +200 organizations to bring together the connectivity and knowledge from your student-alumni-employer-career network.

Starting a mentorship program... Please look at Qooper!

"Out of the box, it has everything you need to get a mentorship program off the ground. It is easy to implement, easy to use, has an intuitive user interface and great customer service."

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