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Collect Skills, Experience Level and More

Collect areas that your employees want to develop in to form the best coaching connections and help your employees get to find their coach easily.


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Determine Skill Gaps

Understand what type of skills your coachees are looking for to provide the right coaches, groups and trainings.


coaching skill gaps
search coaches

Search & Assign Coaches

Smart Coach Suggestions - "Qooper, give me some recommendations"

Coach Search - "I need someone that can help with leadership skills"

Book First Available - "I need to talk to a coach ASAP!"

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Training Materials

Our trainings are provided by ATD or CIPD certified trainers with articles, videos and slideshows.

Coaching Training

Leadership Training

Soft Skills & Job Specific Training

Custom Trainings

Create your own

Group 18-1
Component 23-2

Coaching Platform & App

A structured coaching platform for the participants to connect, engage, learn and develop.

Easy to use - no training required

Fully Integrated



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Meeting Scheduler & Calendar Integration

Allow your coaches and coachees to set up availabilities, schedule meetings easily and integrate with calendars and video call.


coaching meeting scheduler
Group 297

Set Goals, Achieve, Repeat

Achieve goals with mentor guidance, peer coaching and community learning

Goal Setting


 Guided experience to encourage goal setting with resources

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Notes & Feedback

An essential piece for mentoring and coaching are effective feedbacks that show match effectiveness and progress satisfaction.

notes and feedback
groups, circles

Instructors, Trainers & Peer Coaching Circles

Assign coaches to groups, bring in instructors and trainers or bring together like minded peers together in groups.

Q&A Discussion Forum
Topic-based Learning Content
Group Events & Webinars

training self guided

Provide Trainings

Upload your own content and use Qooper's library to train your employees alongside your coaches.

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Track Coaching Relationships

Track progress and review feedback.

Uncover and filter which relationships are successful and which ones are at a halt.

Leverage Qooper's trainings and facilitation content to re-engage relationships and to provide new matching options.


Reporting & Measurements

Track development areas, activities and gaps in development.

Live analytics from individual progress

Program analytics


 HRIS integration reporting

ROI calculator

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tag based measurements
reporting analytics

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