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How this company reduced employee ramp up time from 2 months to 3 weeks

  • Jessica Bayer-Small
  • November 24 2021

A quick question for you before we dive in this use case.


When you joined your role, for the first month, what thought you the most?

What got you ready the most?


Here are some options:

  1. E-learning
  2. Learning on the job
  3. Learned from more experienced peers
  4. Learned in college


Would 3 be a safe guess?


Our peers are essential during onboarding and ramp up.

They show us the ropes, the culture and what works for them so that we can make the best practices ours.


This is exactly what this tech company, Qooper, us ourselves did.


Besides our LMS, we have a list of activities for the sales, customer service and product teams. For example:

  • Shadowing customer calls
  • Doing practice demos
  • Watching past demos for feedback
  • And more

But these need to be facilitated because people won't know to do them without someone reminding them to do them.

Or they simply may not know to ask.


Qooper facilitated these activities, paired up with onboarding buddies and provided additional training material that has resulted in a ramp up time of 3 weeks for us and our clients who use our platform for onboarding purposes.

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