track progress and feedback

Track Progress

  • Understand which relationships are working
  • Visualize mentoring progress
  • What activities they had together
  • Detect those who are inactive to re-engage

Deep Dive Into Activity Timelines

activity progress tracking timeline

Mentorship Progress

See mentoring progress and engagement

  • Match %
  • Meetings, goal, assignment completion rates
  • Conversations and meeting duration measurements
Mentorship Measurements progress reporting
skill gaps learning-1

Skill Gaps

Track skill gaps to understand:

  • What the mentees are looking for
  • Did you bring in the right mentors
  • What type of resources to offer
  • What type of groups to create

Focus Areas

Measure which skills and areas are topics for development to offer more relevant mentoring, resources and groups about.

tag based measurement

Customizable Built-in Surveys

Measure metrics related to performance and retention through surveys

Survey mentor-mentee relationships


Embed your favorite Survey tools

mentoring survey forms

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