mentor tracking progress

Track Progress

  • Understand which relationships are working
  • Visualize mentoring progress
  • What activities they had together
  • Detect those who are inactive to re-engage
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Deep Dive Into Activity Timelines

activity progress tracking timeline

Mentorship Progress

See mentoring progress and engagement

  • Match %
  • Meetings, goal, assignment completion rates
  • Conversations and meeting duration measurements
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Mentorship Measurements progress reporting
skill gaps learning-1

Skill Gaps

Track skill gaps to understand:

  • What the mentees are looking for
  • Did you bring in the right mentors
  • What type of resources to offer
  • What type of groups to create

Development Areas

Measure which skills and areas are topics for development to offer more relevant mentoring, resources and groups about.

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tag based measurement

Embed your favorite Survey tools

mentoring survey forms

Other Solutions

Facilitation & Engagement

Engage with your program, facilitate relationships with a guided experience and provide resources.

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Program Design

Customize 5 stages of your program with Qooper's flexible structure and best practices

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