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New Hire Onboarding

Mentorship and buddy program
Goals, check-ins, feedback
Visualize career paths
New hire training resources
Diversity and inclusion made visible
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Career Guidance & Internal Mobility

Challenge: Do your employees have a clear future in the company? Without career options, clear goals and the resources to get there, your employee may be prone to disengagement, lower performance and feeling secluded.

Solution: Career mentoring helps employees discover career paths, find the one that's right for them, and define qualifications to get there.

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High Potential & Leadership Development Programs

Prepare managers and future leaders through mentorship and training.

Improve diversity among your leaders by guiding careers and leadership essential skills.

Provide conversation starters and facilitate mentorship

1:1s with senior leaders with guided goals and feedback

Training for mentors to become effective

Access to program best practices and automation

Leverage Certified Professional Trainers from Qooper for next-level success in your initiatives.

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Breakdown Silos between Departments & Locations

Challenge: The larger the company, the more secluded the departments get. It gradually gets more difficult to exchange knowledge, create new connections and communities within the company.

Solution: Qooper's smart matching algorithm creates new connections between employees, allows creating online communities and exchange of best practices between departments.

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Skills Development & Coaching Programs

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Understand skill gaps and focus areas

Provide job-specific lessons and learning paths

Train your employees to become better coaches

Automate matching, scheduling, follow-ups, and structure goals and feedback.

Report faster onboarding and better performance through surveys

ROI of Joining a Mentoring & Learning Program


More confident
handling challanges


Learning skills and knowledge for jobs


Quality of work
has improved


Mentors say they developed their own skills by mentoring other


Ambition to take on more responsibility

D&I - ERG Programs

Improve inclusion and diversity in the organization.


Guide careers, skills, and inclusion with mentorship

Create support groups and SME groups

Provide training resources and conversation topica

Automate program management work

Report efficiently on career movements and performance


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Customer User Groups, Resources, Community

Take your customer community efforts to the next level.

Match your customers based on region, product, industry etc.

Dedicated groups for seasoned user group leaders and communities

Resources and best practices

Automate the administrative work to manage the program


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Why Companies Invest In Mentoring & Learning Programs?


Millenials want a mentor


Learning skills and knowledge for jobs


More positions


Increase in productivity


Increase in employee engagement


Connect with your Existing Systems

CSSO, HRIS, LMS & Collaboration system integrations.

Qooper Chat, Discussions, Meetings & Video Calls to integrate with your existing systems.


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