Transform Employee Onboarding

  • Better connections from day 1
  • Employee-manager goal alignment, tasks, feedback
  • Visualize career paths
  • New hire learning automation
  • Diversity and inclusion made visible
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Career Guidance, Promotions & Internal Mobility

  • Challenge: Do your employees have a clear future in the company? Without career options, clear goals and the resources to get there, your employee may be prone disengagement and turnover.
  • Solution: Career mentoring helps employees discover different paths, find the one that's right for them and set goals to get there.
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High Potential & Leadership Development Programs

Track and pick employees with most progress to involve in a high potentials program.


Prepare the future leaders of the company with mentor guidance, peer coaching and leadership development programs.

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Breakdown Silos between Departments & Locations

Challenge: The larger the company, the more secluded the departments get. It gradually gets more difficult to exchange knowledge, create new connections and communities within the company.

Solution: Qooper's smart matching algorithm creates new connections between employees, allows creating online communities and exchange of best practices between departments.

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Oversee Your Programs in 1 Platform

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New Hire Training & Skills Development

  • Understand skill gaps
  • Provide targeted learning
  • Track employee development areas
  • Help employees set goals and achieve them with guidance, coaching and training


skill gaps learning
personalized learning-2

Personalized Learning - at Scale

  • 1 to 1 Learning
  • Topic Based Group Learning
  • Company Learning & Training
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Program Automation & Templates

HR's are as busy as they are with their daily tasks. This is why Qooper offers program templates and automation solutions from start to finish and provides ROI reporting so you can focus on your daily work instead of managing programs.

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1. Enroll

Pull profiles from your HR systems and use Qooper's customizable program templates



2. Match

Best mentoring and peer-to-peer matches within the company



3. Facilitate

Automate the follow process and facilitate discussions with Qooper library of resources

goals 1


4. Measure

Understand employee interest and development areas. Report ROI efficiently

Connect with your Existing Systems

SSO, HRIS, LMS & Collaboration system integrations.

Qooper Chat, Discussions, Meetings & Video Calls to integrate with your existing systems


integrations with systems
hris and sso integrations

Scale Your Mentoring & Learning Program Today

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