Drive Employee Career Guidance, Skills & Inclusion - at Scale


Launch and run mentoring, coaching and training programs at scale with Qooper's software solutions, best practices and analytics.

Improve employee onboarding, development and retention.


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Traditional company-wide mentoring program

Offer mentorship opportunities for employees at all levels:

  • Develop employee career pathways
  • Improve skills and competencies
  • Promote diversity and inclusion
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company wide career path exploration program
new hire onboarding buddy program

New hires - onboarding buddy program

Acclimate your new hires to the company culture and their position in a matter of weeks.

  • Pair up your employees with their onboarding buddy
  • Automatically provide effective 1:1 agendas
  • Deliver trainings on a cadence
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DE&I and ERG mentoring programs

Launch Women's, Latinx, Black+, LGBTQ+ and more resource groups' mentoring programs in their own mentoring programs in their private environments.

Develop leaders from minority backgrounds and attract talent.

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erg mentoring program , DE&I
high potentials leadership development program

High potentials & leadership development program

Prepare future leaders through mentorship and training.

Improve diversity among your leaders by guiding careers and leadership essential skills.

Create sponsorship opportunities.

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Reverse Mentoring

Connect your leaders with the new generation


Flash Mentoring

Enable one off and short term mentoring opportunities


Peer Coaching

Create a knowledge-sharing network for onboarding and development

new-managers (1)

New manager training program

Prepare new managers to real life scenarios so they can succeed with their team.

Leverage Qooper's pre-built mentoring session's to discuss how they can handle upcoming scenarios.

Intern mentoring program

Provide the 1:1 support for your interns to get acclimated to the workplace

Have your training materials sent automatically

Ensure interns see their full career potential and professional growth opportunities

Hire easily.

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intern mentoring program
coffee chats program

Coffee chats  & networking program

  • Create new connections
  • Facilitate conversations with ice breakers and conversation starters
  • Grow your employees' network
  • Break down departmental silos
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Cross company mentoring program

Enable knowledge sharing and expand your employees' vision by pairing up your employees with those in similar departments and functions in other companies.

cross company mentoring program

Sales Training

Ramp up your sales reps in 1 month with training materials, 1:1 mentoring and peer coaching sessions.


Customer Service Training

Onboard your service people in 1 month with 1:1 training activities and role playing scenarios


Engineering Training

Familiarize your engineers and product developers by walking them with facilitated peer to peer conversations.

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