Transform Employee Onboarding

  • Better connections from day 1
  • Promote company culture
  • Visualize career paths
  • Diversity and inclusion made visible
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High Potential & Leadership Development

Track and pick employees with most progress to involve in a high potentials program.


Prepare the future leaders of the company with mentor guidance, peer coaching and leadership development programs.

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Oversee Your Programs in 1 Platform

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Personality & Skills

  • Understand skill gaps
  • Run the right training programs
  • Provide targeted resources
  • Help employees set goals and achieve them with mentor guidance, peer coaching and group learning


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Personalized Learning - at Scale

  • 1 to 1 Learning
  • Topic Based Group Learning
  • Company Training Resources
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1. Enroll

Fully customizable profiles from your HRIS systems



2. Match

Best mentoring matches within the company



3. Facilitate

Follow up in a personalized way - at scale

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4. Measure

Collect progress areas and report efficiently

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Visualize Career Paths & Retain Talent

  • Challenge: Do your employees have a clear future in the company? Without career options, clear goals and the resources to get there, your employee may be prone disengagement and turnover.
  • Solution: Career mentoring helps employees discover different paths, find the one that's right for them and set goals to get there.

Connect with your Existing Systems

SSO, HRIS, LMS & Collaboration system integrations.

Qooper Chat, Discussions, Meetings & Video Calls to integrate with your existing systems


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Scale Your Mentoring & Learning Program Today

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