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Match your employees with mentors from different organizations to bring new and outside perspectives into your workplace. Start running Qooper's Cross Company Program today.

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Group 1362
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  • STEP 1
    Group 1363

    Match employees from similar departments & positions

    Qooper's smart matching algorithm will automatically pair up mentors with mentees from different organizations for enabling knowledge sharing, meshing cultures, and sharing best practices.

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  • STEP 2
    Group 1364

    Train employees in mentorship & cultural awareness

    Help your employees learn the ways how to mentor and let them exchange best practices with their mentees.

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  • STEP 3
    Group 1365

    Exchange know-how & share best practices

    Create a sharing environment for your employees. Enable knowledge sharing, meshing cultures, and sharing best practices.

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  • STEP 4
    Component 10-3

    Create expertise groups in similar roles

    Connect cohorts of employees with one another and create group mentorship opportunities. Help employees get to know their mentors and ease the process of cross-company mentoring.

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  • STEP 5
    tracking and reportingtracking and reporting-1

    Track participation & measure outcomes on a live dashboard

    See how employee performance and willingness to take on more responsibility is improving through the program.

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Still using Excel or LMS to run onboarding buddy programs?

  • Employees love to learn from each other.
  • In fact, it is still the most effective way of acquiring new skills and career pathing.
  • However, running new hire buddy programs can be a burden on admin.
  • Qooper will launch your programs in under 2-3 hours and maintain these programs so admin don't have to.

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#1 Rated Mentorship Software & Learning Platform by Gartner

Qooper is extremely user-friendly and the support team is excellent. Launching our mentoring program was extremely stressful and our rep was there every step of the way. The steps and guidance provided seem to really help everybody new to the program.

201-500 employees

Joey C.

Qooper is assisting us with knowledge sharing amongst state employees. Qooper has been phenomenal in helping us build the mentorship program. We appreciate your professional customer service and dedication to duty.

Government Administration
10,001+ employees

Jonathan S.


We have been working with Qooper for about three months, and it has been a great experience. We are migrating from a different mentoring platform, and that transition has been fast and easy!

Professional Training & Coaching
51-200 employees

Chelsea G.


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