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4 Easy Steps to Creating new Member Benefits & ROI

  • Omer Usanmaz
  • August 27 2020



Why do your members join your association? What are they looking to get? How can you offer more of what they're looking for?

These are the essential questions to answer and you probably can!


You get new members because they want to:

  1. Connect and network with others
  2. Rely on your association to get industry resources and best practices


They both come to life during your association's annual conference, webinar and resources.


So what are the topics for webinars and annual conferences?


Let's say they are (to speak universal language) Football, Basketball, Soccer, Hockey as your annual conference topics.


Here are 4 opportunities for your members:

  1. Connect them based on which topics they're interested in. Why? So that they can network with people who have similar interests and expertise.
  2. Create online communities with discussions, learning resource sharing related to topic of interest, even offering webinar - under your online learning community portal
  3. Offer E-Learnings with your LMS on the topics they're engaged with
  4. Offer webinar on the topics they're engaged with


But how do you track what they engage with?

How do you know which members have connections through your association and are engaging with your content?


This is where it gets tricky.


Using Qooper's smart matching algorithm and content manager, associations are able to:

  • Connect their members with AI suggestions (even if they don't initiate it, member services can create connections from the backend)
  • Connect members on a modern portal inside topic based learning communities
  • Create and offer modern learning content on association topics
  • Launch webinars in communities or for everyone
  • Most importantly track which topics your members are discussing, connecting about, achieving goals about, and learning about.
  • So that you offer more of what they're looking for and engaging with


qooper tag based measurement and engagement areas


If you'd like to create meaningful relationships for your members and offer relevant resources - let's meet, and we'll be happy to show how 150+ associations are doing it!

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