Launch Self-Sustaining Mentoring Programs in 2 Hours

There is a better way to launch and grow mentoring programs with Qooper's:

  • Smart mentor matching algorithm
  • Mentorship training resources
  • Pre-scheduled follow ups
  • Tracking and reporting
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Launch & Scale Your Mentoring Program in 4 Steps

Mentorship programs are impactful, however, they are usually cumbersome to manage. A mentoring software can streamline the mentor mentee matching work, bring training materials and follow ups to your program. Without an engaging mentoring software like Qooper, it is difficult to structure and track mentoring relationships. With Qooper you can launch a self-sustaining mentoring program in 2 hours.


1- Design

Turn-key Program Design Templates



3- Engage

Mentorship Session Agendas & Training Library



2- Match

Mentor Mentee Matching Algorithm & Suggestions



4 - Measure

Track Mentorship Pairs, Progress & Report Program ROI



Connect & Engage Mentors and Mentees anytime, anywhere.

Meet your people where they work and engage them with mentorship, coaching and training on an easy to use platform.

Integrate the mentor platform and mentoring app with your existing systems.

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Offload the Administrative Workload of Mentoring Programs

Qooper's automation solutions allow program managers to focus on growing and reporting the program outcomes, instead of the management work to run it.

  • Mentor mentee matching algorithm with smart suggestions
  • Pre-designed training materials and mentor-mentee resources
  • Automated follow ups with conversation starters and session agendas
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Tracking & Reporting on Your Mentorship Program

Access analytics, surveys and insight into relationship progress. Report ROI to your leadership and show engagement data on a clean dashboard.

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What Type of Mentoring Program?

30+ mentorship program with best practices


Company-wide Mentoring Program - Develop careers, enable knowledge sharing and inclusion at every level

New Hire Onboarding - Acclimate to the company culture and function in a matter of weeks

Hi-Po & Leadership Development - Prepare future leaders on niche skills and engage them

Sponsorship Program - Build professional connections and exposure to new opportunities

ERG Mentoring & DEI - Create a more inclusive workplace and a diverse leadership team

Intern Mentoring - Ensure interns see their full potential at your workplace

Cross-Company Mentoring - Enable knowledge sharing and expand your employees' vision

Coffee Chats - Help your employees network and break down silos

Student Mentoring - Better student career outcomes and academic success

#1 Rated Mentorship Software & Learning Platform by Gartner

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