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Employee Mentoring

Why Mentoring Works? Here's what 367 employees said.

  • Omer Usanmaz
  • September 8 2021

Culture Amp, who drives employee engagement, development and performance solutions for companies, recently conducted a poll where 367 picked their favorite way to experience and nurture professional growth.


Here were the options for favorite ways to nurture professional growth:

  1. Formal education
  2. Online courses
  3. Coaching or mentoring
  4. Conferences, workshops, etc.


Which one would be your choice?


Well, here are the results:




"Coaching or mentoring" is leading by far with 63% voted.


Let's break this down.


What are these learning methods:

  1. Formal education: Instructor based learning through going to college, bootcamp etc.
  2. Online courses: Self directed learning through Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, LMS, etc.
  3. Coaching or mentoring: 1:1 personalized learning
  4. Conferences, workshops, etc.: Instructor based learning, some mentoring and peer to peer learning


Why did coaching or mentoring rank so high?


Here's why:


It's personalized.


Coaching and mentoring is the exact solution a person needs.


As a metaphor, if we were feeling sick, online searches, workshops, other educational materials would take too long to resolve our own situation. So we go to the doctor. Who know the right questions to ask, identify the problem and provide a solution.


In a mentor's case, explore different solutions and opportunities with the mentee to help the mentee make the best decision for themselves.


This is why mentoring and coaching rank so high.


They're personalized.


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