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OCU's Alumni-Student Mentoring Program Going Virtual & Getting Bigger

  • Omer Usanmaz
  • October 11 2020


When COVID-19 struck, all the universities were on the same boat. Students still graduating, they will need jobs but the job market wasn't really the most inviting one. With most companies cutting jobs, the job market got more difficult to penetrate.

Luckily, OCU already had an engaged alumni network, ready to help!

However, the program needed to go virtual.

Even before Covid, OCU had plans to scale their existing program through a mentoring software.

This is how we arrived to an amazing partnership.


By starting an amazing partnership, OCU quickly took their program virtual with Qooper, imported their existing connections and reconnected their alumni-student network to help law students get prepared for the workforce, navigate the job market and improve confidence.


On the other hand, Qooper smart mentor matching, training and Mentorship Platform helped automate the workload to run the program and connected their alumni student network on a common platform.


Besides the 1:1 relationships between alumni and students, OCU also leveraged resources on the platform and created online groups for students, alumni and their interest areas to take knowledge exchange to another level.


Improved student job placement rates, alumni-student mentoring program work automated and we are ready to expand out program.

OCU and Qooper partnership is new and scaling to other colleges and to younger students with peer mentorship program.

If you're looking to offer social capital and resources on a modern platform for your students and alumni, connect with Qooper!




Starting a mentorship program... Please look at Qooper!

"Out of the box, it has everything you need to get a mentorship program off the ground. It is easy to implement, easy to use, has an intuitive user interface and great customer service."

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