Omer Usanmaz

Omer is the co-founder at Qooper over 7+ years in people development. He was sent to a leadership development program at his previous employment and has been bringing his experience to scale at Qooper to bring mentorship, coaching and training to employees at every level.

Stories by Omer

Quiet Quitting

What is Quiet Quitting?

Quiet quitting has been the buzz word in the last couple of months. Learn what quiet quitting is, its various aspects and why managers should be...


How to Start a Women's ERG?

Learn the steps and best practices for starting a women's Employee Resource Group (ERG) within your organization.

Employee Engagement

ROI of Employee Engagement

This article lays out the importance of employee engagement, how it can be implemented in the workplace and its ROI in the long run.

HiPo/Leadership Development

What Makes a Good ERG Leader?

Learn about what makes a good ERG leader and the skills needed for effective leadership.

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