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At Northwell Health, our 85,000-plus employees are led by esteemed senior leaders for a common goal—to raise the standard of health care for all.

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As a large medical organization with over 85,000 employees, Northwell already had 50+ mentoring programs running manually for employee career development , professional growth and inclusion. With the desire to expand the mentoring programs, Northwell observed that a software solution could bring scalability, best practices and analytics to cover all aspects of a mentoring program.



Northwell performed a cumbersome research reviewing all the mentoring software providers in the market and also using 2 in house softwares for various programs. Northwell took demos from all the vendors, shortlisted to 2-3 vendors and then finally decided to move forward with Qooper for the ease of use, flexibility, multi-use of the platform, customer service and integrations.
Since Northwell is an extremely large and diverse enterprise, they needed to find a true partner that could strategize this large transition with open communication and consultation. 

Implementation & Adoption

Qooper's Dedicated Customer Success Manager (who is tasked with making sure programs are successful) worked very closely with Caitlynn during onboarding with weekly meetings.

Together, they developed a comprehensive onboarding process for new programs so that additional programs can launch with best practices and build upon the Northwell mentorship program template.
At Northwell, we love our leaders, and we want to make it easy for our leaders to launch their mentoring programs.” shared Caitlynn.

The program admin along with Qooper’s dedicated customer success manager conducted a kick off call to get participants familiar with the platform and to get the excitement up.

The participants were quick to adopt the platform. As a dedicated program admin, Caitlynn went above and beyond with mentor feedback sessions throughout the program.

On the other side, Qooper integrated with Northwell’s HRIS to keep employee data up to date and easy for employees to have their information available in Qooper.

As the program went forward, based on the survey results, Northwell employees had requested more access within Teams which happened to overlap with Qooper’s forward looking development plans. This allowed Northwell employees to have direct access within MS Teams without leaving the MS Teams environment.


Initially, Northwell started with two pilot programs in order to get accustomed to using Qooper and making it ready to scale to the rest of the 50+ programs.

The most cumbersome tasks with many of their mentoring programs were mentor matching, staying on top of the relationships to guide them and track if the relationships were going forward successfully. On the other hand, mentorship could be new for many participants. In such case, appropriate mentorship training and guidance are tools needed to get new mentors and new mentees ready for the journey.

Qooper’s solutions such as mentor matching, mentorship training, guidance and reporting solutions were key elements in taking the administrator workload off the admins’ hands to allow the programs to scale.

On the other hand, with a Teams, Email, Calendar, HRIS integrated system, Qooper allowed employees to land in a mentorship ready platform right where they work. This way, Northwell started to gather mentorship program participants and started to see expansion of the programs.

It goes without saying that by delighting the mentors and mentees who participate, they were able to create an internal buzz and encouragement for other employees and students to join relevant mentorship programs.



The Northwell Mentorship Experience program has expanded to include hundreds of participants and continues to grow with the launch of new programs and adoption of existing programs.

Since Northwell promotes “Mentorship is just one of the many ways Northwell can provide an open forum for employees to create their own success.”
They are investing in their employee career growth, networking and inclusion through their mentorship programs. Now that they are made easier to launch, scale and report on with Qooper.

Within the mentorship program, admins continue to receive feedback on impactful mentoring sessions, career growth stories, development or new professional skills and more.

Northwell Health also went on to be rated No. 1 health system nationally for advancing diversity and inclusion in health care for three years in a row, according to  DiversityInc ranking of Top Hospital and Health Systems.

With the continuous growth of Qooper as well, Northwell is able to display true outcomes of the program to their leadership to show the bottom line impact Caitlynn is making with the Northwell Mentorship Experience.


  • With Qooper, Northwell introduced new mentoring programs and started to grow the existing ones with a fraction of the time spent on mentor matching, training, guidance, tracking and reporting.

  • Qooper made mentorship more accessible and easier to participate in at Northwell.

  • Northwell is expanding their mentorship experience to more and more departments, tackling more organizational development goals and showing leadership the results in the meantime.

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