How Does the Public/Private Feedback Work?

All the participants can leave public or private feedback on their matches in Qooper.


What is the difference? When a participant leaves public feedback, it will be visible to other users along with program admins. 

However, private feedbacks are only visible to program admins, and none of the participants have an access to it.



A. How to leave feedback?


1. Go to 'Mentoring' and click on the participant you want to leave feedback to.

2. Click on 'Feedback' and then 'Create a Feedback'.




3. Fill out the form and select 'Public' or 'Private' in the Privacy section.




B. Who will be notified?


Private: When private feedback is left, all the program admins receive an email notification.

Public: The participant who receives the feedback receives an email notification.


C. How to edit/delete your feedback?

If you decide to make changes or delete your feedback, you can do so easily by clicking the three dots (...) at the top right of your feedback. Click 'Edit' to make changes to your existing feedback or 'Delete' to remove it completely.